In our production facility, we are performing bolt production, stud bolt and anchor bolt production, nut and special fasteners production via hot forging method with different steel and stainless steel raw materials and electro-galvanized coating. Hot dip galvanize coating and geomet coating applications can be applied as well.
Thanks to the hot forging method, we are making a difference in our industry especially with the production of large-scale bolts and special fasteners.

In the machining section, we are manufacturing custom-made parts to meet any and all requirements of different industries.

Our plant can carry out a fast production of superior quality thanks to its machinery and equipment pool from automatic cutting unit to hot forging unit, machining unit, thread rolling unit, coating unit, and quality control laboratory.

We have wide range of production with our KLR marking bolts and screws between M 12 - M 72 diameter up to length of 900 mm Threaded rods and studs between M 8 – M 220 mm. with all length nuts between M 20 – M 72 Anchorage bolts, bended items like U-Bolts and J-Bolts. Besides our wide of range of Production we have a wide range of stock items for all type of fasteners.